Friday, April 5, 2013

Targeting the front

Ha ha, I didn't realize that I was playing with words! You see, I got a pillow (yup I bought a pillow!) from Target today!
I wanted to make a pillow for outdoors, with Sunbrella fabric, but that fabric tends to be quite pricey. Instead I found this really adorable, bright and perfect pillow at Target and just had to get it.
They had some adorable pillows, with yellows, golds, and well as geometric type patterns too. How much?? $14.99
Yup, when you need a punch of color that can withstand rain and moist air, these are perfect!
See the cute little piggie?? Wilbur came from TJMaxx homestore, and on sale....the bench was a garage sale find, and the pots, well those are fiber pots, that I was assured would last two seasons...they look perfect here...

We decided that this year we would just use these pots instead of building raised beds, as the neighbors might feel uncomfortable with a "farm next door", and this was quite affordable to do...though the gardener is a little unhappy trying to mow around I will just have to give him a few tomatoes at some point....right??

Anyway, just wanted to share the Target line that I saw.....
(No, I am not being paid by Target to share this, just a private person sharing)

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Blondie's Journal said...

Your pillow is so pretty and colorful! And it looks like you have a bit of a overhang so that helps. I was at Target yesterday and I really had to avoid the pillows, so many cute ones!

Like your fiber pots...what a great idea!

Happy Weekend!