Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We have been waking up to foggy overcast days. It gets weary at times.
But today, the sun was out and the birds were singing and all seemed quite hopeful.....
Check out the dew on the rosebush....
See the egg cartons on the table?? Well, that is from saved egg shells we had saved for planting tomatoes. If you have been reading along about planting tomatoes, we have used washed and dried egg shells in with all the compost, fertilizers and such when planting them.
You might remember that Hubby and I have kind of contest each year about tomatoes too. And so far, He is winning.
Granted, his are cherry varieties, and they do grow extra fast, but he used an ingredient that I did not.
Aspirin! Regular old aspirin....
These tomatoes have doubled in size in one week! Yes, one week!
Mine are growing, but they haven't doubled by any means. We used the same fertilizers, compost etc. The only difference was aspirin. He ground it up and then added that before putting his plant in.
We had read about that helping a plant with its shock and immune, if you are planting tomatoes, you might want to do this....crush them up well and add just before putting your plant in!

We are organizing and cleaning... so I am off.....

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