Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring gardening

Yesterday and today, my wonderful Hubby and I did our tomato planting.
We were going to get tomatoes at Roger's, but the crowds were absolutely horrific, so we left and found tomatoes at Orange County Farm supply in Orange for $1.57 for a 4" pot....
We also purchased all those ingredients I told you about months ago, including Gardner & Bloom Harvest Supreme, Fish Meal and fertilizer.
After we went there, we went on to Old Town Tustin's Armstrong's, which is the best Armstrong's anywhere. They have tomato towers made of cedar! For the $20 each we thought a couple would be a good try this year, as last year's tomatoes crushed the metal tomato cages we had.
So, here is what I have right now.
These are a little over 5' (after being stuck into the ground). They look a bit like oil derricks, but if they hold up the tomatoes that would be good. The main thing is they hold them up and last more than a year.....we shall see.

I have these two tomatoes in the new cages...and another three using traditional stakes. In all, we planted five tomatoes.
I also harvested some French radishes, which all were ready at the same time, and gave some to the neighbors.

Today, found us at Home Depot getting the soil of Hubby's choice, Supersoil. He wanted to remove half of last year's dirt out of his "pot" to refresh it. He uses Supersoil. Then, he planted his three "cherries". He only planted three this year, as last year four was too crowded. He planted his three with the same new formulas as I used this year with one extra that I forgot, aspirin! It is supposed to help the root system and help with transplanting and strengthen the plant's immune system. So we will see.

Here are his varieties that he got, black cherry, sungold, and a general cherry....

All in all we had a great weekend playing in the dirt...pulling weeds, planting and enjoying the sunshine.
I am still planning on two more tomatoes for the front yard, those will most likely come from Roger's as I have a certain variety in mind that was so wonderful last year......
As for the rest of the planting....soon, I will plant peas in the main veggie garden...but for now, it is time to go do some laundry.
What did you do this weekend?

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Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Wish I could start planting now...but the cold temps are not over yet around here....Happy planting!