Sunday, March 3, 2013

Keeping the pests at bay

Ah, spring time, is there any other  like it? It just makes you want to garden!
With the last mini heat wave I planted carrot seed. And within a week they were peeking up. Last week, they were getting fluffy and promising to be a good crop. Yesterday, I mentioned to my husband that the carrots had been neatly trimmed of their "feathers". It was then he told me what he saw.
Our lab, Belle, had leaned over the raised beds and carefully trimmed them! He said that he watched and yelled for her to stop, but she was engrossed in carefully nipping the fluff off of each little carrot! Really!
This is one of the garden "pests". She follows me when gardening, and loves carrots and other nibbles from the garden, but it isn't good when she does her own "gardening".
So, here is what I do that should work for you too.
Sprinkle this on everything you want to keep growing. It works. The only drawback is everything in the garden will smell of garlic. the flavor of garlic does not transfer to the other veggies in flavor.

It does keep slugs, snails and birds away also. The smell of garlic or a crop...hummmm, think I will take the crop.
Dried garlic powder will not hurt your dogs, cats, or wild varmints good or bad, but it helps keep them at bay.
Oh, and you will have to re apply periodically, like after a rain storm.
Last year, my early crop of peas was almost completely ruined by birds as we watched them eat their salad we figured that garlic would work. It was a side effect we found that it kept the dog away also.

So, as the spring garden starts in earnest, make sure you have some garlic powder handy...both for cooking with and sprinkling in the garden.

Here's to a great garden!

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Shannon Fox said...

Great tip! Thanks :)