Monday, February 18, 2013


This is the "keynote" of the season....with the coming of spring, I have vowed to try and "Simplify".
It is not a task for the faint of heart...
So, once again I turned to see a mismash of books and "junk" filling the bookcases, where only the truly needed books and "knick-knacks" should reside.
I do this periodically, probably the training as a Librarian to "discard" books that are "out of date" or no longer being "checked out".
I know there are some of you who would never part with your books and there are some of you who don't really keep them around, especially in this day of e-books.
I am sort of, well, in between. There are books that regardless of their age are timeless. Others are reserved for future generations and some are keepers in their own right. And then, there are the books that no longer meet the needs when they were purchased. Many of the books have been purchased at thrift stores, library bookstores or Amazon.
Now, I have to admit, as I go through our books, most of them are non-fiction. There are actually few fiction books around. Those that remain are timeless, but there are just few of them. In the closet I have collected a number of children's books...those are not counted in the "culling".
The books being thinned are old decorating, gardening, craft and cookbooks. Those being "thinned" are being donated to the local library bookstore, where they will go on to give someone else joy.
Lately, the joy for me is seeing the backs of the bookcases! Open space and a breathe of fresh air.
So, I am painting the back section of the bookcases as I go. I rather like the feel it gives, not so "bright white".

The case to "Simplify", it not easy. It takes time. I have only done most of the first bookcase, but I like the open feeling.
Once these bookcases are done, then I will move on to cupboards in the Family Room, which have even more things to purge and organize.
Isn't it amazing how we collect?
Are you trying to Simplify? How are you going about it??

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Laura said...

This is an inspiration. Boy do I need to do some more purging. It goes in phases for me. When I can't stand it anymore I get after it!
Enjoyed visiting and I am a new follower.

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