Saturday, February 16, 2013

My new friend....

I made a discovery. I believe I was once told by a blogger that I could use Bar Keepers Friend to get rid of rust and crud.
Well, we have Villeroy and Boch china that we eat off everyday. That was taking a toll. There were fork scrapes and knives scrapes that left dark marks on the plate. No scratches, just dark marks. Nothing removed them. This was very frustrating!
Now, I suppose we should use this china for special occasions, but I love it....everyday.
But, honestly those little marks were discouraging and I was not using those plates .....
But, enter my new friend, Bar Keeper's Friend.
I used the tiniest amount on a wet plate and a no scratch sponge (the blue kind)....and voila!
No more scratches!

After the gentlest of rubbing, the marks are gone.
Then, a very thorough washing to remove the powder and you have almost all new plates.
How is that for a discovery? Am I the last person to find this??
Have a great weekend.

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