Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday breakfast

As we were enjoying our coffee on this drizzly Sunday morning, I realized that breakfast was all homemade. That is a rarity in this suburban world. I figured I would share it with you. Something to be considered.....
First, last night's bread. I used a basic French bread recipe.
Second, yogurt cheese. This is so simple and so yummy!
Yogurt cheese, is yogurt (I used Greek yogurt) that has been drained of its whey. You can do this too! Use cheese cloth, lined in a strainer. Pour in your yogurt, preferably a plain yogurt with no sugar. Wrap it tightly and hang (I have used the kitchen faucet to hang it up over a bowl). These days I now have a cheese strainer.
I get the yogurt in a cheese cloth lined strainer, then drop it into this strainer, which I then set in a bowl. If I am not using it in a couple of hours, I will put it in the fridge, but I let it drain at room temp first.
Third, I put marmalade on top, that I made a little while ago with my daughter.
How bad is that?? Yummy homemade breakfast, that urge you to try sometime. Homemade is good for the soul as well as the body. No preservatives. No conditioners. No chemicals added. Just basic healthy ingredients.
Fourth, coffee, which we made in a coffee maker....My Hubby made a joke that we should grow our own coffee....LOL. Well, we didn't get it from a coffehouse......
Good fuel to get going. I think today I will do the laundry (with homemade laundry soap I might add), and make a table runner.
Have a great day!

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