Monday, January 7, 2013

Problematic Popovers

Popovers are my "newest" thing. They go so nicely for breakfast with butter, and jam or honey.
They are delightful for a lunch and especially for dinner with stew, roast, or chicken.
Yeah, I am drawn to them.
At Thanksgiving, I made perfect popovers. At Christmas, not so much. They deflated and became soft hocky pucks. Really. They deflated 4" in less than a minute. I chalked that failure up to breaking basic popover rules.
Rules you say?
Yes, there are basic rules apparently. Blow it on one and those light little treasures aren't so wonderful.
This picture, is not mine, it came from one of the food networks. This is how they are supposed to look.
Follow the "foodie" rules, your popovers will be great.
There are other differences, each one touting that their way is the way.
Main rules....
1) have the ingredients at room temp.
2) preheat the oven at the recipes temp with the popover pan hot before you put the batter in
3) butter that pan very well getting that hot too
4)Resist opening the oven for any reason! They deflate easily.

Other tricks I am picking up along the way. Temps in recipes vary...some stay at 400 degrees, others go to 450 and then down to 350.
Most of all know your oven. Does your oven have a true 400??  Yes, it is important, to pull off a popover your oven needs to be hot and accurate.
Which leads me to my present dilemma. My oven is not accurate. In fact, I am using the popovers today as a definitive in the lack of accuracy, right along with the thermometer that I bought. It seems it fluctuates anywhere from 5 degrees to 30 or so. That may be my main problem with popovers right now. In fact, the appliance guy is coming Wednesday to fix the thermostat (I hope) as it isn't working right. It hasn't since the last time I used the self-cleaning feature.
Hope your day is a great one!

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Henhurst Interiors said...

My only 'trick' it to heat the pan before adding the batter. Hopefully the tech can sort out the temperature issue!
All best,