Thursday, January 10, 2013

Painting Furniture

Those of you who follow me, know that I garden, I sew and I paint.
Lately, with the weather I should have been gardening, it has been warm of late. But, I discovered the new store, Peinture, that was opened by Debbie. It was exciting to meet her, since I have only talked with her via internet. She has opened this store where you can learn how to paint with Chalk Paint or just go in and breathe the creativity!
Since I have been painting, getting the paint required going to Orange where she has a booth at Country Roads or emailing and getting paint via mail (I didn't want to drive to Anaheim Hills).
Now, her store is in my backyard (so to speak)! Easy for me to get inspiration and paint. How cool is that??
Anyway, I just needed to paint.
So, I bought some more French Linen and decided to paint our bedroom lamps. They are small lamps but years ago I painted them with a dark brown paint, which back then was an improvement. But since we painted our bedroom, they were just too dark and heavy feeling. So, with approval from Hubby, I painted them using a formula from Debbie. Just to see how that worked. The difference is amazing!
Sorry, I was so excited to paint, I forgot to take a before picture.
Then, I painted the chair in the family room. I have been dying to paint it, but wasn't at all sure what to paint. In fact, when I bought it at a garage sale, that is why I bought it....but then the wood and its scroll cuts and softness just made me want to live with it for a while. Until yesterday. Then, it hit me. Use the same formula for the chair. It turned out so well, my Hubby has given me permission to paint anything in the family room. Hummmmmm
 Here is the picture as I just started painting so you can see the before....
 Just finished....

 And here it is in its spot in the family room......

If you want the formula Debbie gave me, you will just have to visit her store. She is a wealth of information.
The upholstery is a grainsack that I purchased from Grainsack the store on Etsy. She has the most wonderful collection of grainsacks anywhere and most are ready to do your projects...beautiful and most are affordable, well more than most vendors I have to say.
This chair was a project. When I redid it, I removed all the old covering which was quite a task, and then used some leftover linen blend fabric for the bottom and the rest was the grainsack. The seat back is cut and then most of it is hand sewn (by myself) to the chair as staples wouldn't attach. The seat cushion is a down pillow. The back pillow is a remnant of the grainsack.
So, what do you think?
I am working on a couple of other things in this room, so I will show more later......

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