Saturday, January 12, 2013

New drapes

Ok, this is not my idea alone, but a great one to share.
I have been wanting different drapes, I no longer love these dark brown drapes in the family room. Yes, they are lined and help keep out the cold, but, the dark brown is too dark and heavy. So, with permission to look for new ones I went out on the hunt. Drapes are NOT cheap. Even the so called "cheap" ones are $20+ a panel. I need at least six just for the family room. Yup, do the math.
So, I remembered advice from Miss Mustard Seed and others....dropcloths. Yes, you read right. Dropcloths.
So, while I was out I went to Lowe's and bought the dropcloths. Now, the price has gone up a bit (what hasn't?), but still at $10 and a bit of sewing it is a steal!
Even if you didn't want to sew and just used clips, it would be fabulous!
I wanted a similar look to what I had, just softer and lighter. We tested one for several days to see if too much cold gets in through the windows. It wasn't significant.
If you did not know it was a dropcloth, it looks all the world like some expensive fabric...seriously. Which why so many bloggers are using them for upholstery and drapes!
The catch you ask? You need to wash my case twice and use a fabric sheet in the dryer. And,  I am sewing them. But, they are already finished on the sides so all I have to do is measure and stitch a rod pocket!
Not bad on the pocket book!
 This is a short curtain I made from previous remnants I had for this old door. This window leaks air like crazy!!! (And this is the door to the garbage cans, who wants to see them???

The overall effect is calming. Not a bright white, a creamy natural color that just soothes. Even Hubby said so.
What did the other drapes look like?? Well, I haven't finished making the rest, so here they are....
 There is a great deal of sunlight coming in this morning, but you can still see how dark they are, especially next to a dark desk (which I am thinking about painting)....(oh, and I am taking down the little chandelier here, it isn't needed in this spot...)
Yup, that's me in the mirror....and my windows are dirty due to the weather...but again, you get the "gist" of it.
I will post again with the final finish when I am done....
These drapes are about 8 years old and have held up well, but it is time for a change....
Have a great day, I am off to the Farmer's Market....


Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

that's great! I have dropclot curtains in our living room and master bedroom!!

Roxie Tenner said...

It's a good decision to change thecurtains, and the color is a nice touch. Curtains should add accent to the window and set a good mood in the whole room. The dark color of your old curtain didn't make any of that; it just blocked the whole window. Roxie Tenner @