Monday, January 28, 2013

New detergent

Yesterday, I had to make a new batch of "detergent". It has been six months. Yes, I said 6 months!
My laundry soap/detergent lasts 6 months. I have a new washing machine and with it one uses less detergent. So, it goes even further!
Because getting the washing soda is difficult, I order it online. So, last time I ordered, I double ordered. That was six months ago....even I have a hard time believing it.
It bears repeating the recipe for those who are interested. It is a good one. I got the recipe online from different blogs....they all share it.

First, the hardest part....grate three bars of soap (Castile, Fels Naptha or Zapote)
 Here I am using my new Kitchen-aid shredder, which does an amazing job. But, the last couple of loads I have used other graters, one by hand and the other a Cuisinart. They give larger shreds, but they still work fine. This grater did give me a wonderful small fluffy grind....
After grating the soap, add...
4 lbs. of baking soda
1 box of borax (about 4 lbs.)
1 box of washing soda (just shy of 4 lbs.)
Mix in a Large makes a large amount....
The mixing is the second hardest job. Getting it all stirred together.
For HE machines 1 TBS is all you need. Occasionally, I need a touch more and badly soiled items I throw in a little of Oxy clean.
Yup. That's it.
It makes things smell wonderfully clean without perfumes and additives.

How much did it cost you ask? Well, let's review. I had to order the Washing soda ( so for my ease, I ordered everything so it was less gas than driving to stores. Washing Soda is NOT available here in So. Cal. I tried and went everywhere.
You can get Castile or Fels Naptha or Zapote most places. I used Castile....I am not allergic to it.
So, all purchased, it cost $12 (even with shipping).
I lost count how many loads....even with just the two of us at home I do tons of laundry, especially at this time of year with two active often wet and dirty labrador retrievers.
It actually cost less than 10 cents per load. If you add a bit of Oxi clean it will go up a few cents more.
I used to buy the Arm & Hammer allergy detergent. It cost $10 for 60 loads. That detergent is still out there, but sometimes I would have to go to a couple of stores as it would be out of stock.
Oh, I should mention. I purchased the Borax 6 months ago, it sat in the garage waiting to be became a giant clod with moisture. So, if you like to stock up....keep that in mind. Breaking it up wasn't hard to do, but it added to the chore a bit.
Well, off to do laundry.....
Have a great day!


Sarah Malone, European Farmhouse Charm said...

Hi Nancy,
I appreciate the compliment on my door!
After painting, I used clear wax and followed up with a coat of dark wax-both were also Annie Sloan.
Thanks again,

Amy Kinser said...

I love making my own detergent. It is so economical and fun knowing that I did it.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I make that too, and it is wonderful. I never thought to use my grinding attachment on the soap. Brilliant and very very helpful!

Debbie @ MeandMyDIY said...

Hi Nancy, I use this recipe too! Or I did, but I don't think my HE washing machine liked quit working a little while after I started using it. I started adding it directly to the drum instead after that, but I only use it sparingly. I'm so afraid my machine might quit working again! But it is a good recipe and does seem to work really well. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment today. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!