Monday, January 14, 2013

New ceiling fan and dinner

First, we had to replace the ceiling fan in the family room. We had an issue with a roof leak that went down into the old ceiling fan and onto the coffee table. It was a mess. So, we bought a fan and had our contractor Kobi put it in, minus the swag that was on the old one. Oh so nice!!

And while that was going on, I made a loaf of French bread and a stew. Yummmmmm

And the kids are coming to dinner and then we are off to cork our wine at Purple Feet....
Have a great evening....

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Staci Severns said...

I feel sorry about your leaky roof. Did you fix it right away? Anyway, at least it gave you the opportunity to buy a new ceiling fan. Hmm. Can you post pictures of your old ceiling fan? I want to see the swag you were talking about. Thanks!