Friday, January 4, 2013

January gardening

Here in So. California, roses get bare-rooted in January. That is when most of them are starting to rest and others, well, it is an "enforced" rest. I never really paid attention to the collection I have. Until recently. I have 6 roses under my livingroom window. When you are cutting them back, it becomes a big job. So, on January 1, I started, and got 4 done, then on the 3rd, I got the remaining 2 done. Just think, I only have 14 more in the front to do!!
So, with my new camera in hand, I thought I would give you shots around the front on the flowers that aren't resting. We have had hard frosts the last 10 days, but it doesn't seem to be slowing them down!
 Here are the roses cut down in front of the livingroom window.
This is the window box I recently replanted with new flowers and ivy.
 My lavender is blooming....
 And the white irises have never really stopped....

 The paperwhites have started blooming, right on schedule....
 More iris....
This is one of the roses that  did not go to sleep, and it will be the last one trimmed down. In addition, I want to clean out the beds and put in fresh compost. Not a bad winter garden.
Hope you are all planning a great weekend.

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Henhurst Interiors said...

This is so interesting, Nancy; I would never have known you need to force the roses to rest in your climate. I'm vicariously enjoying your garden from the frigid northeast!
All best,