Saturday, January 26, 2013

going to Peinture

Last night was the Grand Opening of Peinture here in Costa Mesa, CA.
It was wonderful!
Debbie has done an awesome job with the store....simply amazing things. There is a whole wall of chairs, one with each Annie Sloan color (you will have to go see the wall of chairs, it was too hard to get in a picture).
There are huge pieces that hold all the paint....and with this huge store, with ceilings that are about 20 feet tall, they make the store feel like home.
Need a class to learn how to do techniques? She has those too. Amazing!!
 See these really tall bookcases?? Debbie painted those herself with Graphite. And that delightful chandelier? It is in Emperor's Silk. It is all simply yummy!

It was wonderful! Thanks Debbie for such wonderful evening! We are thrilled to have you here!


Henhurst Interiors said...

Looks like a fabulous space. I have an Annie Sloan post coming up as well - I think the company and product are great.
All best,

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

That does look like an amazing place - wow! What a large shelf!