Friday, January 18, 2013

Garden plans

My seeds are here and at the ready....
What are you planning for your garden?
This year we have two more boxes planned....
Those boxes are going to be out front, one on each side of the birdbath! Yup, my neighbors are going to be shocked I am sure.....but instead of a collection of pots, we are just going to do a couple of boxes! In the boxes, we are planning one tomato plant each held up with this obelisk.
 It stands 4 ft. tall, so it is a bit small, but I couldn't ignore that darling acorn finial! Where did I get it?? Why Lowe's of course! It was $16.48 and all I had to do was put the cross pieces in. They give you an option of course, and you can use a pot in the center to hold it open, but I want it in the center of the new box, one on each side.
We think at this point the boxes will be painted black as we have decorative shutters that are black and a bench out front that is also black, so we think the obelisks will also be painted black, what do you think?? Chime in and let us know!

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