Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bread baking

Ok, so for years I have made bread, lots of different breads, with different flours and different shapes.
I now have a favorite brand of flour that I found recently at a restaurant supply that also serves homemakers.
It is White Lily flour. It is ultra soft and yummy. The bread dough rises faster and bakes, it is just regular yeast...only the flour has changed.
These loaves were put in the oven and then I remembered I needed to brush it with egg wash, so the process of taking it out and then brushing it made it fall, a touch....but, the flavor and texture and overall yumminess, that didn't change.
I am also using two clay pans that I have....
This one is a Romertopf bottom (a two piece clay baker). These bakers are fantastic and if you see one at a thrift store (where I have found all mine, they cost $50 and up at Sur La Table) get it! There are clay cookery recipes won't be disappointed.
The other clay pan,

is a glazed, clay loaf pan that I picked up at a thrift store, which says it is made in the USA. A very vintage piece that was barely used. It is also fabulous. 
I have also used the recipe and shaped it for French bread loaf, a free form on a cookie sheet...all have been excellent. The other thing that is interesting? I have a sensitivity to wheat, but apparently, when I make bread with wheat, I don't seem to be having the same trouble! Well, except that it is making me fat....homemade bread is delicious and irresistible. 
I hope your weekend is restful and full.

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Of Wool and Loveliness said...

Hi there. I'm also a huge fan of baking bread. Instead of clay pans, I form a round loaf onto a baking stone and then put a large ceramic bowl over the top to act as a cloche. I also use the 'Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day' recipe, but I haven't tried white lily flour before. I'll have to get some. Love your style.