Saturday, December 15, 2012

Vegetable garden plans

Every year at this time the seed catalogs arrive, almost as many as the general shopping catalogs. There are so many choices and each catalog has wonderful pictures, it becomes difficult to narrow down your selections. So, this year I chose a different catalog.
They had a great website! Even offer a free trial of a garden planner program, that I seriously almost considered, had I not already drawn my plans for the garden.
Each box will have two sections, except for the tomato box, which will only have three plants, possibly only two...that is still out for debate as we buy plants that are ready to go.
I ordered onions, beets, carrots, beans (two kinds), peas, cukes, & squash.
I have 6 boxes, but one is holding the raspberries and hopefully pumpkins.
Therefore, I don't have much space. Sometimes I want to tear up the grass and add more boxes, but others I like the grass area.
01017 - Accelerate Bean 
Our bean of the year for 2013 is a large sieve pod that is great for the home gardener. It was developed at the University of Wisconsin and was selected for its heavy yield and disease resistance. The medium green pods are 6" to 7" in length that are born evenly on the plant. Although the pods start to produce early in the season, it remains productive throughout the whole season.

I opted for bush beans this year. I have always sworn that pole beans are better, but this variety caught my we will see. It is time to try something new!
I am also trying anew "lima" that is a bush variety and is small, round and red...
So, this all being said.
What are your plans for the garden for next year?


LaPouyette said...

Happy "seedling"!!!

And best wishes for a "green" and lovely 3. Advent Sunday.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I have been getting seed catalogs but I figured I'd wait until after the holidays to decide on what to grow next year.

I did bush beans for the first time this year and was pretty pleased. They actually kept going up until about a month ago. I had them under row covers so the first couple of frosts didn't damage them. Then we had two consecutive days of freezing mornings and that did them in.