Wednesday, December 19, 2012

That's a crock!

Well, every so often a blogger asks what we, the reader, collects.
I find my collections tend to surge in one the direction and then take off in another. However, there are some collections that remain over time. Those are the collections that no matter how many you have or the lack of storage, you will still get them when you find them.
I have several, although over time I have backed off a bit, mostly in part due to storage, or should I say lack of storage.
Dishes. Yes, I love china. I have collected different pieces or parts of sets over the years. Lucky for me my girls love it too, so I am more than happy to share!
Fabric. I seem to be magnetized to fabric, and because I sew for my Etsy store (, it seems fair.
Cookbooks. I love to read through them and get ideas, and they are becoming obsolete, so they are extra wonderful.
And then there is crockery. I love crocks, especially the crocks that I can use in the kitchen...smallish ones are easier to find uses for. There are the crocks that were intended for pickling or storing grains. They are extra fun when they already had numbers on them.
Recently, I found this crock. No markings, just a great old crock. It just needed something....

I soaked a label off of a wine bottle and ripped the edge a bit and decoupaged it to the crock.
Simple. Now it seems to have more "purpose".  It is holding the candy canes for the cocoa bar we had, and now those candy canes are going to go to some carolers we heard will be coming tonight.
If you have a crock you want to dress up, decoupage is a good way to go.

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