Friday, December 21, 2012

Raspberry Cordial

Way back in the summer, I followed a recipe for raspberry cordial that I found online. Simple actually. Basically, you take fresh raspberries, sugar and vodka (the actual amounts are in the recipe). Put it in a large jar. Turn and gently shake everyday. It is best to store in a dark place during this time. 8 weeks later it is time check it out. The raspberries will be "deflated" and faded as well as mushy. The color of the cordial should be absolutely the most beautiful red color. It should not be cloudy, but clear and bright. Then you strain it through cheesecloth leaving you with just the liquid.
At this point it will store nicely. As mine did.
I am rather pleased with it. It is simply lovely.
My daughter wants to use it for super martinis. She said she would sugar the rims and then make martinis!
So, here are three bottles for gifts. One for my son-in-law, one for my father-in-law and one for a hostess gift. See the labels? My hubby bought the pack of labels, actually from Avery (sold at Office Depot) and they are wine bottle labels! In fact they have lots of pre-colored labels that are pretty cool. We chose the plain labels so we could include a picture of raspberries from clip art.
I am happy with the way they turned out.
The two bigger bottles came from Container Store, for about $5.  The smaller bottle was actually a maple syrup bottle. Isn't it sweet?
The next cordial getting made is Elderberry Cordial. My elderberry has been producing continually all summer, and I have been collecting the ripe berries and putting them in the freezer until I had enough.
Well, gotta go wrap presents.