Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Christmas decorating

So, blogging is wonderful. You meet people and get fabulous ideas for everything from home to garden. Today, I followed my blogging friends and got tremendous ideas...many of which I will store away for another year...and some that inspired me to get off the couch (I am sick with a cold) and gather a few things.
I brought in a few of my pots that I hadn't even thought of bringing in before. I cleaned them up and brought them in and see what I did. Simplicity is the theme this year. And more neutrals are being used with just a touch of red here and there.
Now, you have to forgive the awful shots...especially with my arm in the mirror. It is hard to take a picture with a mirror! Your messes on the other side of the room show, as well as your arm! LOL, so you have to forgive. But I think these decorations look pretty good!

Well, a little blurry, but you get the idea....This is an old fiberglass pot that has been sitting outside for probably 6 years, and it has weathered quite nicely. It was cleaned up, but because this is a real live plant in the clay pot that is tucked inside, I set the whole thing in a white dish I have, to protect my antique dresser. Then I just used the burlap ribbon (love this stuff and you get it at Michaels). Then I tied a couple of silver ornaments on with selvage fabric (the stuff you cut off with sewing). The rest just sit on the plant!

This cast iron urn I bought a few years ago, and it has been living outside. Because it has rust on the bottom, it is sitting on some white tissue, and then I used the burlap ribbon that I had on the look, simple and yet festive. It is sitting on the butcher block island in the kitchen, so as you come in it is the first thing you see. (So, for now ignore the other views you have, when I feel better the rest of the kitchen will get cleaned up.)
I am going back to resting...what do you think?


Cristina Garay said...

Very pretty arrangements! I love the contrast between the sparkly ornaments and the rustic of the other elements! Great combination!

Judy @ In His Grip said...

Oh my heck this urn is absolutely fantastic. I love the shinny and the burlap together and the unexpected outdoor urn brought inside. Very creative. Love, love, love.

LaPouyette said...

Lovely decoration!
I love to decorate Christmas balls in garden urns as well!