Friday, December 14, 2012

Limes, limes, limes

Okay dear readers, I have a problem. My wonderful lime tree is making too many limes and too many are going to waste!
Last year I froze lots of lime juice and lime I still have some of that, and, I don't have anymore room in the freezer. So, what do you all do with limes?
Now, these are special limes. They are actually crossed with a lemon as I planted them too close together.
No, I mean it.
They look like lemons on the outside but are greenish on the inside.
And, to top it off, I have a potted Navel orange nearby and that tree has made some of the most amazing lemons and some of my limes, well, let's just say they are much bigger than usual.
So. What will I do with the limes? Thoughts? Let me know.

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Bliss said...

Add tequila.