Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flunking Chutney 101

Ok. So, I have been looking for recipes to use my limes. We had a bumper crop this year and so many have gone to waste!
I also have been canning jams, jellies, fruits etc for about 33 years, so I am not a beginner. I am however, a beginner for chutney. Well, correction, I have made a couple of apple based chutneys. Never a lime one.
So, I went looking for recipes and found one that seemed straight forward. No pictures, no description of what to expect. But, I forged on ahead. I found the recipe on "Indian Sweet Lime Chutney".

The recipe was followed exactly. The consistency was that of oatmeal! I cooked it for 40 mins (the recipe said 30), but it didn't look "cooked".
The last jar you see is a "refrigerator" jar....I always have one or two. I should have been skeptical, as though it told me to can in boiling water bath for 15 mins, it didn't specify pints, half pints or any other size.
I tasted it before canning....ugh! What a waste! A waste of raisins, dates, sugar and vinegar. The limes would have been wasted, but seriously? Sad.
Ever made chutney? I would love to hear!

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