Sunday, December 16, 2012

Family Christmas Party Prep

We have been having a family Christmas Party with our friends down the street for years. I have lost count. We alternate between the houses. Once it was our daughter's new house. Usually it ends up being between the two Moms. Isn't always? Moms like to have traditions and parties.
So, I am excited. This year it is here. This has been my year of parties!
So, amongst my plans I came across a blogger who invited her guests to have hot cocoa. She had the most divine self service area for hot cocoa. I apologize for not remembering which blog, but my thanks to her.
I took the dried bottles that were on this bottle rack that I got, and put cups on it...(hers was an old French one, much more special).
Then I gathered up two of my crocks that I have found "treasure hunting" and stenciled a number on one and decoupaged an old wine label on the other. Those are for my packs of cocoa and candy canes. I had a hard time finding the big perfect candy canes. Can you believe it? I found them at Stater Brothers. Then I put mini marshmallows in the little jar with mini tongs to get them out and the spoons are in a creamer that just happens to be red and white! The napkins in the background are in an old toast holder! And there you have it, a cocoa bar!
I also am going to have a Champagne punch....but that will be part of the surprise!
For decor on the table, well, my eldest daughter is coming and helping my get things pulled together, and I have hopefully created a sweet little table runner and here is one of my centerpieces....
It is a trifle bowl! I mean honestly, what do you do with a trifle bowl the rest of the year?? We don't make trifle very often, and when you want one, here it is....but it doesn't fit in most of my cupboards and my daughter doesn't have room getting creative with it has been, well on ongoing chore. But here it is sporting a yummy candle with fake holly and a ribbon of linen tied on. You will get to see what I do with it tomorrow...just a glimpse.
Oh, and in the window, which is next to the table, I created a quick wreath. I had this grapevine material that is one long strand, and I left it coiled and just tied it to the drapery rod and tied some ribbon on the bottom. Simple. Rustic. Understated. Love it.
Isn't it funny how hard we work to have people over? I mean you would think the Queen was coming! For me, it doesn't matter if it is 5, 11 or 20+ people, the planning and arranging is still the same. The cleaning, planning and organizing. In the end, they will have been here about 3-4 hours. They are also bringing food too. But it is still the same . Do you do that too? Or am I the only one who sets about being hostess this way?
Now, I don't want you to think I don't like the parties. I am thrilled to have them. I look forward to this party immensely, I just wondered if I am the only nut who approaches guests with such "order".
Ok. Well, see you tomorrow!

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