Friday, December 7, 2012

Cookie time

It happens every year, the cookie-a-thon.
Each year we say we aren't going to do as many, and every year we still make too many.
My daughter takes cookies as a large gift to co-workers at the hotel where she works, and we give to friends and neighbors.
This year is no different.

These are the slice and bake sugar cookies we did, just to get on a roll...they are so cute!! Great color and gives us "perfect" cookies can be an adventure.

These are the rum raisin not eat and drive (LOL) because the currants used in this recipe are soaked all night in dark rum and then you add a bit of the currant rum into the recipe. Very yummy indeed...however, my daughter doesn't take these to work...this is for neighbors, friends and family.
 These are the Buckeyes that we make, they are refrigerated for hours before dipping, and then after as they are not baked and are made with butters etc. They are dipped in melted chocolate....
These are pecan snowballs...they have many names actually, but have become another favorite.
We also made two kinds of fudge, a plain dark chocolate and a two layer dark chocolate and vanilla with pecans, mostly for my son-in-law...but all very yummy. Super easy recipe (if you want that you have to email me or make a comment and I will get back to you (I promise!!)
I actually didn't eat too many cookies as we were baking, which is good, and my dear hubby still had to make a run to the store to get some more butter ( I did not calculate enough) and powdered sugar. We had enough or more than enough of everything else and then, he had to go buy lunch, because I never plan on know, good for you food.
A very busy day....and I am tired...but The Fairmont in Newport Beach will have great cookies this weekend....
Take care,


Pamela said...

How yummy!!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Hi, Nancy -
Send those rum raisin cookies here please :) YUMMMMMY!!! Good thing I'm not there to help....or else all the cookies would be gone!

Henhurst Interiors said...

Incredibly impressive! I'd like to be on your list!!
All best,


I have to make a bunch of cookies for a neighborhood party and I'm dreading! Not much of a baker so if we were neighbors I would look at you all pathetic so you might make them for me :)