Monday, December 10, 2012

Bottle dryer

Almost a year ago, our daughter and husband gave us a present of "Purple Feet". It is a company that helps people make their own wine. Yup.  Wine, but no, we didn't have to squish the grapes. The company buys grapes and has them made into the squished grapes, which they call "Must". It is at that stage where we get to play with our food.
We determine the type of wine we want, ie, White or Red...and then what variety. Of course, we had to sample some to be sure.....As we were tasting, I mentioned that the one we were tasting was "a little too sweet"....and she heard and said, that the wines we were tasting were young wines that had not been stored a long time, and that they continue to mature over time in the bottle.
Well, without giving the entire lesson on making wine, let me just say, we had a great time with our daughter and son-in-law and our other daughter, who played the designated driver. Our Cabernet Sauvignon will be ready to bottle in about 5 weeks. Assuming that nature plays fair. Our big task before that time is to design our label. Oh, and collect some used wine bottles. Now that isn't hard. We do drink wine and have thrown away the bottles, until now. And that is the reason for this post.
We needed a way to dry the bottles.
I wanted a lovely zinc French bottle drying rack. How perfect would that be? A real reason for one!
But, alas, I haven't found any under $150 and that just seems silly. So, I realized that if there are companies that make wine  (not just wineries) then there has to be a place to get supplies....
I found "Home Brew" . They have supplies to make wine or beer for home brewers or wineries.
Ah ha!
I found a bottle dryer that can hold 45 beer bottles or about 24 wine bottles.
Now it isn't the antique French beauties, but it does do its job. It is very interesting. You can add pieces later to make it hold more bottles, they screw together and unscrew to store away! You can't see it, but there is a nice handle to carry it with on top.  It is well balanced for its job....

For the time of drying we are storing it in the laundry room, but for the pictures I put it on the island for you to see. It is not gorgeous, but kinda cute, in its own way. And I really like the idea of reusing bottles.
I just wanted to share with those of you looking for a bottle dryer...and yeah, if you wanted it could be used for cups, baby bottles or other uses. It cost under $30 with shipping and arrived in two days. Not bad. Lots cheaper than the French ones....

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