Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mercury Glass

I have a new collection! Mercury glass..... this is not the expensive kind...the "real" kind... but it is the modern affordable kind that can be found at this time of year at TJMaxx...
I believe that the "real" mercury glass is not like this kind that is basically "dipped" in silver leaf paint, but actually has mercury in the glass as it is blown (if you know more let me know!)
I want it for the mantle and after Thanksgiving I will put in greenery around it. I can't wait!

 These two little pinecones will be hung on the tree when it gets here, so for now they get to be on the mantle...

Each piece will have a candle in it, to show off the iridescence.

But, right now my daughter is on her way to help with roasting pumpkin for pumpkin pies....
Let me know, do you collect mercury glass?
Have a great day!

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Kelly said...

I don't have very much mercury glass, but love it! I think it will be gorgeous having those as part of your holiday decor. I love seeing candle light through those.