Monday, November 12, 2012

Gluten free bread adventure

If you have been following you already know I am on the lookout for gluten free bread and other products. Many of them are too rice based, complete with a bit of crunch (ick).
I have found one product that is actually pretty good. Let's remember though, without gluten the bread tends to be dense, not light like regular bread. All gluten free breads are like that. That being said, this blend is fairly unique from many that I have looked at. Why? Well, yes there is rice but it is extra fine and it is not the main ingredient.

What is different? Well, it has sorghum flour, tapicoa flour, white rice flour, sweet rice flour, brown rice flour, organic evaporated cane sugar, chicory root, millet flour, molasses & honey, rice bran, sea salt and xanthan gum.
Yes, rice is there, but it is the other flours that make the difference here. It is a mix, but can also be used in place of all purpose flour. As a mix, very easy, just add the yeast! (follow directions)
It lists bread for machines, oven done bread, bagels, pizza, pie crust and more. Very interesting!
 It was excellent toasted and spread with pumpkin butter! Tasted like pumpkin bread!

Like I said, it was dense, and fairly moist so having a sandwich with it would be different....but when you have sensitivities or allergies, it may be a good option for you!
Pamelas's Amazing bread mix and flour mix is available in a small (one use) bag or this bag (4 lbs) which could make as many as four to five loaves.....
I used the other night as a coating for our oven fried chicken....that was really be creative!
I will fill you in as I try other goodies....

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Boho Farm and Home said...

This is good to know Nancy! I am always on the look out for anything good and gluten free. :)