Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cupboard fix

I wanted to share this idea with you. Several years ago, we redid our kitchen. A white on white kitchen. Yeah, I know, it is considered "old". I think of it as classic.
However, problem was, the back of the cupboards with glass windows was white, and it was, well, boring. Too much of a "classic" thing.
So, knowing I like to change things up, I found some tissue paper I adore. Thinking I wanted a temporary fix, I cut some of the tissue to fit and used double-sided scotch tape to the back. I was going to use the wallpaper that looks like bead board, but it was too expensive and actually too thick for the space with the glass shelves. Tissue paper was perfect!
Truth be told. It was temporary, and it is still there, about 7 years later. Isn't that a hoot??

Just wanted to share an idea with you. Sorry my shelves are so busy...
Have a great weekend.

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