Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Belle's progress

Some of you have asked about Belle's progress.
Those of you who don't know, Belle is our 5 year old yellow lab. She is special. She came to us from Oregon and has a long line of show champions. She is indeed beautiful.
When she just about 2, she got hurt playing with another dog. It tore her ACL in her left knee. That was 2 years ago.
Recently, she started limping on the other knee and it made an awful popping noise...really loud and awful.
The vet we used before was good, but we felt we needed someone that would follow up and offer physical therapy. So, with a good recommendation, we found Dr. Kavanaugh at Saddleback Veterinary Hospital.
He did the surgery and when he was in there found both knee ligaments were completely torn, her meniscuses and a fragment. Lots was done to hat poor knee.
That was eight weeks ago. Yesterday was Belle's last physical therapy session. She enjoyed it and probably will miss Linda who did the therapy. Belle would have what we called "swimming lessons", where she would do a treadmill with water that made it not so weight bearing. Very cool.
Anyway, here we are  on continued progress....more of the same workouts, taking slightly longer walks each day and slowly over 6 more weeks getting to where we were pre-injury. At the end of that 6 weeks, Belle gets to be on a longer line, say a lunge line as she is reintroduced into freedom within the house and outside. By April 7th, the 6 month mark, she should be okay to run and even jump.
Yup, a long haul. Why the extra caution?
Well, she had a huge amount done to her knee...and the other knee that was done is again unstable. So, we are actually treating both knees. The vet hopes that we will have two strong legs, though the first knee will never be perfect, he hopes that it will hold. That is why this is a bit different. Plus, this vet believes in the follow-up...
I hope that answers your questions.
This is Tucker and Belle (left to right), Tucker is looking forward to playing with his best friend again. And Belle is just looking forward to be a regular dog....


Divine Theatre said...

Animals that come from breeders are typically more likely to have problems. I would never, ever buy a dog when so many are homeless.
Praying that the little angel is better soon.

Divine Theatre said...

I came back to apologize for my tone. I did not intend to insinuate that you did anything wrong. I have a sharp bias and have difficulty hiding it.


Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

I just read this. Sending Belle hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery. My dogs are older, and one has arthritis and the other is losing his hearing.
Take care,

Splenderosa said...

Labs are many many bone and arthritis issues. We are treating one of ours with laser therapy. She goes 2X a week and we believe she has some comfort from this as it creates warmth and is supposed to cause good cells to grow faster. Bless you for being a good mama.