Friday, October 19, 2012

Harvest cast of characters

Well, our Octoberfest is tomorrow.
We have spent the day gathering all the cast together....

Since our pumpkin seeds must have been old or just plain bad, we had to buy pumpkins. We bought a few from Trader Joe's and some from Vons, and some from Sprouts.
I have always wanted a farm, where every Fall, everyone would come and do the pumpkin and apple thing. We decided why not just recreate the farm??
So, our back lawn will be transformed into a pumpkin patch!
My daughter and I went to JoAnn's and found Fall decorating goodies for 60% off, so we got a bit carried away....oops.
Here is the basic cast for a photo shoot. The plan is this bench will be the photo op for the children (and adults) to have their picture taken. The bench will be moved for seating at dinner time....
I thought that was all cute with the corn stalks we bought from a local farm, but one of my favorites was this little stand-up scarecrow (not scary) and the pumpkin sign....yes, at JoAnn's!
In addition, we did carmel apples and fudge apples today.....

So, the cast is ready for tomorrow. Watch to see the fun, I will post the pictures....
Happy Pumpkins!

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