Monday, September 24, 2012

What a find!

Those of you who know me, know that I go "treasure hunting". 
Well, every once in a while, there is a find that causes the heart to skip a beat. It is silly to some, but there are many of us who like the thrill of the hunt and the occasional super find.
There are times when the find gets to stay, and others that there is no room at the house. Such is the case here. I almost didn't buy this china set, just because I don't have room. It needs to be seen and used and loved.
Welcome this Haviland limoges set. It was produced in the early 1900's (verified by the largest limoges china dealer in the US). There is in this set, 2 dinner plates, 10 salad/dessert plates, 6 cups and saucers, 10 berry dishes, 1 small covered veggies dish and a covered butter dish. The pieces are in perfect shape! No chips or cracks that I can see. Beautiful and rare, this will up for sale and for you my readers I will be taking bids. The best offer gets it plus whatever shipping will be...
Otherwise, we will be consigning it. There just isn't room here or at the girl's homes. So, my treasure can be yours!

The sweetness of this set is something extra ordinary...not too much gold used, just a touch and it appears in great shape. Anyone, who loves French antiques and even "Shabby Chic"...will love this. It is timeless and classic.
Contact me if you are interested.


Lisa @ akawest said...

Very pretty!
Thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting on the desk to media stand.
I am a new follower.

chateau chic said...

Beautiful set of china!
Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments,
Mary Alice

Christie said...

OOH!! I immediately thought Haviland! What a find and so, so lovely! Thank you for stopping by Three Pixie Lane! Christie