Saturday, September 22, 2012

The pasta connection...

With the change of seasons, I start to crave carbos. Yup, it puts on pounds, but it is so yummy.
Last night, I was in a creative cooking mood. I wanted pasta...but what was I going to put in it?
I had chicken tenders in the freezer (not the breaded kind), and pasta. What else would I put in....hummmm.
Well, I went out to the garden and found I had lots of baby zucchini, which frankly won't grow much bigger with the change of I picked them. Leaving a few with great hopes that they might grow.
Then I picked some baby peppers, oregano, parsley and of course, basil. Sounds good so far.
I cut up the zucchinis, & peppers and put them in a baking dish with basil oil and the chicken and popped that into the oven.
While that cooked in the oven, I cut up a onion and sauteed that in more basil oil. While that cooked to a light brown, I put on the pasta pot. I had bowtie pasta, but you can use whatever you'd like.
When the onion was done, I created a cream base using....wait for it, garbanzo/fava bean flour!
I do have a tendency to be sensitive to wheat so why overdo it, right?
Anyway, that flour is fabulous for substituting where you need regular flour.....a little heavy for bread, but great in this.....and it adds a bit more protein!
When I had a cream base, I added what I had, I used smoked gouda!
When the pasta was done and the chicken cooked, I cut up the chicken and the cooked veggies into the sauce and when it was a bit stiff and too thick, I added a bit of the pasta water.
I served it on top of the pasta.
When I served it, I topped it all with the fresh chopped basil and parsley and a touch more grated gouda.
It was really, really good.
Simple and filling. Yup, change in the weather signals the change in menus...
Here's to a cool weekend.

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