Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday's work....

It is a perfectly hot day to be and clearing stuff....
The painter will arrive on Wednesday, early AM, to start patching and then priming and then painting.
I, of course, am ready now.
I started clearing stuff out on Thursday. We have a lot of stuff! I didn't realize how I had packed it away. Most of it is family stuff from both sides. We love most of it. It's just, wow, after about 17 plus years of living (that was the last time we painted), it just feels good to go through it all and get clean!
Of course the dust mites and spiders are not happy with us, too bad.
So, we settled on "Stone" by Restoration Hardware (getting it mixed by Home Depot, we like their flat enamel).....

It is a funny color, love it, but it is funny because in some lights it looks just like what we have everywhere..."bamboo beach", in other lights a creamy color and others, totally gray. However, it is more gray. It is a "transitional" gray. It is a nice contemporary and soothing neutral gray.
It plays nicely with all the blue that we have on the couch and we still have on the floor in carpet ( we can't do that right now) and with the dark colors we have in furniture and the mantel (shown).
The painter is going to play with a diluted version of the new color on the fireplace and the ceiling, which will bring it all together. Since we are keeping the color on the mantel, I took down the heavy mirror from over the piano and it is now the same color as the mantel....looks good! Thanks Em for the suggestion. It does carry the color around the room nicely, instead of adding yet another color. Genius!
The blue here is tape....not staying....LOL....
Then there is the issue with the chairs. After all, it really was the chairs that started all this! Remember when I mentioned that?? Well, we found a fabric! It is a bit more masculine, (they are a rendition of a medieval dog) which nods to the fact that these are my Hubby's Grandfather's office chairs. And although he said I could paint them, I decided to rub them down with Howard's Furniture Restorer in Walnut. Yes, they have faded over time being in the sunshine. And yes, they are a bit "patina-ed"...but, that is indeed their history and charm. So, they are just going to be reupholstered by a pro with this fun fabric!

See the rip?? It is time to redo and refresh! It will make it cozy for winter.....
Stay tuned for the progress!
So that is what we are doing for Sunday, what about you??

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