Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday's Dinner

For dinner tonight we had lamb meatballs with Quinoa and tomato/basil puree and applesauce.
I took all the rest of the apples that didn't get into the freezer and made applesauce. It is an easy and quick thing todo with leftover apples...they don't have to be perfect, just yummy.
In our house, we like it chunky and filled with cinnamon...So it is basically apple pie minus the crust!
The lamb meatballs, they are yummy. We got a lean ground lamb which I mixed with an egg, panko breadcrumbs and tomato jam, which we made earlier this summer.....
Served with quinoa, yummm, all it needed was a "tomato sauce"...well, the last of the tomatoes from this year's crop got chopped and pureed and simmered with fresh basil, red wine and seasonings and then poured over the lamb meatballs and quinoa and then parmesan on top....yummmm
It is the end of our harvest...apples are done and put up, tomatoes are done and put up in some form or another....the figs are done and put up, and harvests are almost all done...all that remains is doing something with the limes that we have so many of and a small crop of quinces (3) from a baby tree that is two years old.
Summer is leaving...fall is well under way.....time to plan for next year....
Here's to summer harvests...

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Rhonda said...

Wish I had been at your house last night. The applesauce sounds delicious!