Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Planting

Today was a fall day. Even though it got warm when the sun came out, it was Fall.
There is a light in the morning that triggers "the gardener" in me. After a couple of cups of coffee, out I went, tearing out the sunflower stalks, and pulling out the sunchokes. I had dirt in my hair by 9 am!
I dumped out the washtub that I had planted and reveled in the worms that had multiplied in there. So, they along with the dirt were dumped out in between the raised beds to help the grass grow back.
Then, in the afternoon, after taking the dogs for their annual shots, I went to a new nursery and bought some started broccoli plants and lettuces, and seeds.
Again, the dirt went flying....

Sorry it is a little fuzzy, but I wanted to show you that I used the Detroit Dark Red Beets. I prefer them. I have tried other colors and varieties, I just like the sugar content of these. Oh so good when freshly plucked from the ground!
The French radishes are equally yummy. Sweeter and not as hot as other radishes, and oh so good with cream cheese.
I am off to water.
Have a great weekend.

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