Saturday, August 4, 2012

WildOakDesigns new "line"

I have been searching for something I can make for my store, in linen. I found a great source for a loose weave linen, gauze like in construction, that can be washed and worn. I got this yummy grey linen and have been playing. I rather like the way it looks on my daughter!
A Linen Pashmina!

It is a lovely pashmina, and here in the final photo you see the fringe, and the stay stitching so you can wash and dry it ! It doesn't have to go to the dry cleaners, although that is ok too....
I have ordered more fabric, one in a cranberry red and another in a chocolate more will be available in the near future!!
Interested? Check out the store
I am off tomorrow to the Irvine flea Market...I will let you know what I find....

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