Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Sunchokes are here!!

Okay, so the Sunchokes, also known as Jerusalem Artichokes, are now blooming. This is one month earlier than usual.
Now granted, our heat may have spurred them on...which is also a bit early, but I can't remember them blooming in August.

Now, I apologize for the bad picture...they are 12' tall and hard to get a picture of when one is 5'4" so I had to use the "telephoto" lens on my old camera....The one flower is already torn apart by the goldfinches, who are still eating leaves and flowers from all sunflowers.
Why is this important?
Around here in this family, these are the harbingers of Fall.
If one doesn't pay attention, this is the visual announcement that it is time to prepare your home and garden for a new season.
So, what are you doing to prepare for Fall and Winter?
I hear that El Nino is coming, so we are to expect lots of rain. In the MidWest that might actually sound nice....But here on the West Coast, it means rain and lots of it, often too much.
I have noticed lately that the number of birds has dropped and only a few goldfinches remain. The Starlings haves started their gathering and if that wasn't enough to notice, the Liquid Ambar trees started turning red last month.
So, chime in and tell me, what are you doing to prepare for Fall??
Have a great weekend.

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