Saturday, July 28, 2012

A day of Inspiration

Sometimes you just have to change direction, do something new, try a new thing....
for me this weekend I created some wine glass charms. I didn't want to use the wire ones you buy, they are difficult sometimes to put on and find the same, I came up with a different style using magnetic closures....

I have never wanted to do beading...but my daughter got me going...using seed beads these are definitely jewelry for a wine glass.
Then.....when I was done with those....I got out the new fabric I bought. A bit of a stretch for me as it wasn't particularly inexpensive, a linen blend fabric that has a backing to it and is a French script grey and natural/cream background. It is beautiful fabric and it just called to me. Ever have that happen??
Anyway, I decided to make a table runner...not just a runner but a reversible one with burlap on the back....and a ruffle at each end. Yup a busy day.

Did you have any inspiration this weekend??

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