Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bridal Shower Power

So, for the last few days I have been shifting gears, so to speak. We are having a bridal shower for 30 here on Saturday. I have been arranging, and rearranging tables and chairs to fit everyone in for a "garden luncheon" shower. It will be fun.
Have you ever counted your plates and kept coming up with a different number? After the anniversary party that's what I did...turned out that plates were put in the wrong place or in the dishwasher, but long story....I had to go to get more white plates. Darn....(LOL). So, I went all my usual places and ended up at TJ MAXX. There I found perfect plates....and great prices! Yay, now I have 30 plates!

I love them, and it was hard not to get way more than I needed...the bottom one is from a company that I adore in Portugal....
Many of my platters are from there...
So, I have been watering the plants and trimming and pruning and feeding, trying to get the plants and flowers to cooperate...I think they are!

This hollyhock is amazing!! Super ruffly (is that a word?) and full! I love it next to the mirror....
Have a great day!

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