Monday, June 4, 2012


I am a member of FFA--"Frustrated Farmers of America"...LOL
I live in southern California in a suburb. I have however managed to squish my "farming" into many different nooks and crannies.
My blueberries for example. You might not even know they are there, unless I point them out....but they are there, in front, all ten of them.
I tucked them under the carrotwood tree, because when we were oh so much younger and camping at a Northwestern campground, blueberries were everywhere growing wild and many were under trees....I took my queue from them. Trees drop leaves and that produces the acid leaf mulch they like. Under our tree is no different...I did plant them in pots (with Azalea potting soil) , so I could control their size, and the soil (ours is adobe) and be able to move them if necessary. The roots have definitely grown down through the drainage into the soil below.
We have 10 plants.
We have  Misty,  O'neil, Sunshine, Jersey and Bountiful (my absolute fav!).
They are all Southern Highbush varieties.
All the plants have been staggered in planting, and there are three the Jersey and another variety that I forget (and the tag is gone) that I got online. Those were very tiny little plants so they won't do much until next year. That means that all the berries we are getting this year are from 7 plants. They produce about a cup to two cups a day right now.
I feed them twice a year (spring and fall) with cottonseed meal and I use an organic mulch that I get locally. They are doing very well.
One thing I have learned. Blueberries can be picked a bit early (you can see some in the dish). They will turn ripe in a day or two and taste great....(a good thing to know when you have birds who also want to eat them!)
I have been using CD's hanging from the tree (another good reason for planting under a tree) to keep the birds off, and it has been working...but I find one needs to move them around or add a wind chime...birds aren't entirely stupid and know after a while those things won't hurt them.
I was planning on making jam, but we seem to keep eating them, especially the Bountiful variety that are super sweet and as big as a dime! Hopefully, I will get to make jam with them....
Do you grow blueberries? Where do you grow them? What is different? What varieties do you grow??
This old "farmer" loves to talk about growing things...

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Tammy said...

Oh Yummy! We would pick fresh blueberries when we would go camping and have blueberry pancakes. Smart thinking! Thanks for visiting Homespun Happenings!