Friday, May 25, 2012

Mixed media

Today, I felt a little inspired by all those wonderful bloggers that I read each day.
Rosemary at Villabarnes gave a tutorial about using gesso on different items to give an aged look, so I bought some to play with and experimented with that and then some....
This was cheapie frame that I had that was that bright brassy color, and it was time for a change. First, I painted it gray. Then, I brushed on gesso and wiped off. It looked good, but flat.  I went back over it with a bit more gray. Then I brushed on more gesso and sprinkled crushed eggshells over the gesso.  Now it looked a bit more "chippy". I wiped off the excess gesso and let it dry....
When it dried I waxed it.....It definitely looks old.....
While it dried, I played with the tutorial that Rosemary gave, of making "mercury glass" bottles, except mine were two little canning jars.

Ok, so they didn't turn out quite as I expected...but they were fun. She recommended liquid silver leaf (or you could use a metallic silver paint, which I had)
My pictures aren't the best...but you get the idea. It took two coats, the first being the hardest as the paint doesn't like sticking to glass....
I plan on hanging them I think....but the light shines I will get the liquid silver leaf...I am definitely intrigued.
While all the paint was drying I went out in the garden and dead-headed some plants and cut some roses from my Black Magic Rose which had climbed (it is not a climber, but wanted to be) up into the fig....darn, more roses for the bathroom!
OH! I have to show you what I got yesterday at an Estate Sale!

It is a little demitasse coffee pot! As you can see, I had some already, so of course it had to come home with me!! Isn't it sweet?? No chips, or cracks and it was barely used!
What a day!!
Have a great weekend!


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Thanks for the shout out. I like the idea of the cracked shells on the frame. It looks great. The jars look just fine, and will be good hangers.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!