Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mary Lou Heard's Garden Tour

Today is the first day of garden tours. It is a free tour, though they will take free will offering for a couple of charities. The tours cover part of LA county and Orange County. There are gardens open only on Saturday, some on Sunday and a rare few are open both days. My hats off to those who open their gardens and hearts to hundreds of garden lovers from all over! It is a fantastic journey of garden styles, ideas, inspiration and friends. Following are a huge number of pictures from the 7 gardens we went to.  I wish you inspiration!

The tall plants here above are Fava Beans! I want to get some, they are very cool!!

After we go to so many gardens, I always need to go to a know for more inspiration to take home...we bought a dark red full hollyhock, a jalapeno pepper, a another flower the tag came off, some started lettuce (the snails ate the seeds that sprouted) and a few other goodies....
Hope yours is a great weekend...

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Linda Leyble said...

Hey Nancy - that's a great idea for a blogpost - a graden tour. I should try that one as well.

Just came back from CA - and I took a lot of photos of flowers. Went to the Stanford Mall in NO. CA and the flowers that they have in that mall - just beautiful! Right outside of the Ralph Lauren store - they have it decorated so beautifully. That's a blogpost for me...for sure.

All I have to do is to download and edit all the photos!!!