Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Well, yesterday and today I have been planning and shopping for party supplies for an anniversary party we are giving ourselves...a little one, to celebrate 35 years! I had a long and wonderful post, but blogger is being I am going to show you pictures, and hopefully that will post.
don't you hate it when you spend over an hour on a post and then the thing doesn't work??
Anyway, two days of picking and shopping and I found 14 more mix and match white plates, and decor.

I am still on the search for more silverware, because I hate having to use plastic...and other touches are needed to. I did find in two magazines some great ideas...
This is from Flea Market Style and I think its fun although I will use a vase instead of the thermos....
And I am drawn to this for tables...
I saw an article once about making "mercury" glass with old bottles...if anyone knows where I can find that or if it works, let me know!
Have a great evening and I hope this posts!

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