Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tout Finis!

Well, yesterday, I started painting the vanity.
I was hesitant.
Afterall, this was not a garage sale find, that if I screwed it up was not a big deal. No, this was an expensive (though reasonable) custom piece. No siree. No turning back. It had to come close to the mirrors in color...hummm. So, I just "bit the bullet" so to speak.
I mixed the colors to make brown Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. That is what I used for the base coat on the mirrors. Of course, the mirrors had brass paint or other finish, and the new vanity is a lovely paint grade poplar.  No finish on it.
So, paint mixed I painted. At very first, it looked awful. I thought it might, I was prepared. But, it had to have a base coat otherwise the color changes completely from the mirrors.
It took two coats of the brown, thirsty wood.
Then, I layered the Coco color on. That was difficult. I wanted a touch of the brown to show through, but not too much. It was harder than I remembered actually. Nice to know that this paint allows you to "scrub" and when it dries brush strokes don't show. Phew!
So, 24 hours later with wax and a trip to the hardware store for longer screws for the handles...
It is all done! Tout Finis!

So, what do you think?
Enjoy the rest your Sunday! As for me, now that rain is falling, I am sitting by the fire....wondering what the next project will be....


karen@somewhatquirky said...

Hi Nancy, the vanity looks good. Great job!

Patina said...

I think it's beautiful! Nice work!

scrapbookluvr said...

Beautiful!!! Great job...and inspiring!!!