Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

The guys were sealing the tile today and filling me in on the home stretch.
The shower door guy comes to measure tomorrow and find out what we want.
The counter will come Saturday and the painter is delayed until week after next or so.
However, the toilet can most likely come in tomorrow and they will assemble the external parts of the shower. And Kobi plans on putting his cabinet doors on Saturday as well. These have so many parts that it is taking longer.
Anyway, while they were putting the stinky sealant on, I went outside with the tomato seedlings that got transplanted yesterday. They are looking pretty good and I have started "hardening" them off. That requires moving them out for a little bit each day to get them acclimated to being outside. Granted, our weather is better than most of the country with no snow and still warmish. However, it has been warm during the day and cold at night, so this process may take a while. But I do plan on selling the extra seedlings as neighbors and friends have asked if I had any....I think I will this year. I planted 12 of each kind.
This year I ordered some fine seeds from Kenyon Organics on Etsy. I ordered Black Prince, Bi-color Mortgage Lifter, Red Zebra, and Paul Robeson (which is supposed to be great for canning).
I am a firm believer in using heirlooms and switching to different types especially when real rotating of crops can't happen as well. I have made great strides, however I am running out of places to plant.
Meanwhile, the first pear tree has gone into bloom and the bees have been busy!
The orange tree is loaded and I tried to get a picture of the bee in the tree, but at least you can see the blossoms. I have already counted several baby oranges!
The apricot on the side yard has bloomed and is setting little apricots. I counted at least ten, which considering we put it in last year, is quite a haul!
The weather has gotten blustery and chilly. Brrrr.
I went out to check on the other seedlings that I planted directly outside, I had several tomato babies and some poppies that I had started from seed. They were doing are gone! The birds destroyed them! Every single little plant! Then they dug up all the seeds! This has never happened to me before. I have always had some kind of "understanding" with the, as of today, I am not buying any more seed. They eat my seed for them. How rude!
So now I am going to have to buy plants to replace those I had started. Yellow brandywine, Ace, Gyspy and a couple of others, not to mention my poppies! I had ordered the poppies from a lady on Etsy also....she only has a few packets each year! Drat those birds.....
Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I can show you a few more pictures of the bathroom...we will see...


Leslie said...

Wow! Your garden looks great! I'm envious.. as our weather here in the Pacific Northwest is still grey, rain/snow mix and the ground is frozen and muddy. I'm so looking forward to some warm sunshine and retiring my boots ..

New follower! Lovely blog :)

Leslie said...

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Aimee - said...

How incredibly inspiring I'm your newest follower! XO, Aimee