Sunday, March 11, 2012

Soothing Sunday

Ah, the sounds of silence....
No construction, hammers, drills, just silence.
It's Sunday a day to sleep in and we did....even with the time change until 9! Which of course with the clocks getting bumped ahead was really 10! Wow.
Yesterday was wonderful to get the counter in, but I have to tell you all a secret....I "flew the coop". I got the counter guy started and told my husband,  "I am leaving, going to find a new towel ring..." He knew, just by the look in my eyes, I had had enough. Have any of you heard the sound of stone being drilled?
I know it is silly, but I have done so well with the all the noises the banging, hammering, drilling and all. I really have and have been there most everyday, all day. But yesterday, my Hubby saw that look and handed me his keys and said, "yes, go get the rings."
So, today we rested. Still fighting off our colds and reveled in the sounds of our own house noises...which when there are only two at home, is quite peaceful.
I changed the bed, and did other laundry. We went to the store around 3. When we got home he fixed a sprinkler issue we had and I took a nap.
Somehow, it isn't just me....even the dogs are tired.
Belle decided to go under the bed while I was changing the sheets and take a nap....
Hope your Sunday is a peaceful one.

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Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing!! That must be a nightmare listening to that all day. And I'm sure you probably hear it in your sleep as well!
And your sweet puppy, so cute!
I'm so happy you stopped by my blog and thank you for your sweet comment, I really appreciate it!!~
Wishing you a wonderful and "quiet" evening!!