Friday, March 9, 2012

An odds and ends day

Today, Kobi and Spencer came and installed the is wonderful and we can't wait to use it...but we have to wait for the shower door....
The toilet seat was beautifully attached, so it is now, two toilets!!
They cleaned up and cleared stuff up in preparation to be done and gone....A few things cannot be done until others do what they need the counter. And the painter...Kobi doesn't want to put the mirrors up or the other lights until it gets painted and of course he is finishing the vanity doors....which I am sure will be wonderful.....
So, we were sad when they left. We are supposed to see them tomorrow, but only if the counter guy comes....and the thought that the job is over...was kinda sad.
So, I made marmalade.
Yup, my son-in-law's mom came over for a tutorial on making marmalade. The kids have a beautiful old valencia orange tree with lots of oranges...and they like, we made marmalade.

Stella had never made any jam or marmalade, so we got busy. If any of you have done canning or making of jellies or jams, you know that he first time is a bit, well, intimidating...but oh so rewarding!
Following the first rule of jam making that I was taught, never double the recipe, we only made one batch....but oh it was yummy!
Instead of peeling the peel and then cutting off the pith and slicing very fine, we did something I have tried before...we used a zester! It works! It takes off just what you want of the peel...and makes it so much easier....
We followed the recipe from Certo (liquid pectin) which works like  a charm! I like the liquid pectin so much better, it seems to jell faster and of course because it is liquid dissolves better...making the last step, well, easy!
For Stella, I think she was a little worried about the canning thing, but one can always put it in the fridge!
Did you know that marmalade makes a fabulous sauce for chicken and pork while roasting or finishing on the BBQ?? Try it some time.....use in the last part of cooking, but have a great meal....