Thursday, March 15, 2012

Info on supplies for new bathroom

So, we now have the painter scheduled...he comes on Monday!! Yay!
Tomorrow, Kobi is coming and attaching the doors to the vanity and the molding on top of the beadboard...and the sinks are already functioning....
Today, I wanted to tell you about some little things that count in the bathroom.
One is a soap dish for the shower. I bought this months ago. It is based on the expensive teak soap dishes with little character that I have seen, and those don't hold the soap we buy.
 I bought this beautiful handmade cedar dish from I love that is made here in the US and is handmade. And, he has designed it to fit the many Etsy soap makers soaps out there.
 It will get that aged patina over time, I like that too.

I highly recommend his site...he makes other goodies that are worthy of a look.
The other thing, soap. We buy a handmade soap from I have been buying soap from her for at least a couple of years because so many soaps out there have additives that I am allergic to, and hers do not.
Another thing, that you will see in place after I have painted the vanity.... is the handles for the drawers and the door pulls.
The drawer pulls I bought from This little shop has a huge collection of hardware collected from old pieces. It is great fun. The thinking was we wanted the vanity to look "old" and old drawer pulls would do that. We also chose these because we wanted them to fold flat as the vanity is deeper than it used to be. (Remember the pictures in the beginning? It was 17" deep.) Now it is 22" deep...The handles were an old brass, and I gave them a shot of Rust-o-leum's Oil Rubbed Bronze spray....leaving just a touch of the brass showing to tell their history.
The cabinet doors get a special little pull...that came all the way from France. Afterall, the goal was a "French country" bathroom...These were just so cute, a tad small perhaps, but we won't be getting into the doors that often. These were not spray painted, I think they will be fine as they are.
The vendor for these sweet pulls is She had four and I only needed two, so she went ahead and split the set. Very fun to have them come from France, n'est pas?
So, as you can see, I like to buy from Etsy. I also sell on Etsy. It has almost everything you could need and then many things you didn't know you needed.
Have a great evening.

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time worn interiors said...

I have two bathrooms that need to be redone! Just can't find the time to do them!

Can't wait to see pictures of your when it is completed!