Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday on the bathroom reno

I love when you see how the dream starts becoming the reality!
Today, the floor tile was finished and grouting of the shower began. When you decide on grout color you just have to trust the people who sell it to you. Just a note, grout dries lighter which is opposite what paint does. This is a good thing...but important to note. As Spencer put the grout in, I saw the tile take on a great ambience...reassuring.
Please note that they told me there is a bit a haze that will be removed some of that shows.
Meanwhile, Kobi worked his magic and the vanity got its drawers! He made them yesterday. They are lovely. We will have so much storage space! Wow.
Then, because I was up all night coughing from the cold, I took a nap....
When I woke up, Kobi was putting in the beadboard that we had talked about! Now, I know, there isn't much wall space, and it is kind of silly, but I felt from the beginning there needed to be beadboard. I felt that it took the tile space and softened it to more "country" than just a contemporary tuscan looking room. Perhaps, that doesn't make much sense, but it seems to finish the room like moldings do.
It has one wonderful "side effect" for to the toilet there is a clean out that Kobi changed into a flatter version and not the big huge one that has been there...Well, now it is flush with the wall!
This is the beadboard that I primed yesterday, and it will get painted a soft white....but even now it looks wonderful.
I love the way he wrapped the corner of the beadboard to meet the 1/4 round tile. Such attention to detail and bringing dreams together.
Tomorrow the vanity top fabricator will come and bring the stone and we will pick the part of the remnant we want to use.
So exciting! It will be beautiful indeed.
Thanks for checking in to see the progress. Leave comments. I love to hear from you.

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