Friday, March 23, 2012


Well, today is the day! The bathroom is now ours!

(Minus a vanity paint job that I will be doing to match it to the mirrors...), Kobi came and finished what he needed to do...Yay!
Do you remember the bathroom before? The vanity was 32" tall and a 17" deep floating vanity, so there wasn't any storage...
We do have a small master bath, we couldn't really make it bigger, but it feels bigger...and just wonderful..
It is hard to believe. This vanity is handmade to order and is just wonderful. It even has tiny little feet in front. I had a picture of a vintage buffet I saw on Etsy, and gave Kobi the picture. With "tweaks" we made to fit our lifestyle, here it is!

Here is the final shower with its frameless glass door. Tres magnifique! I get to wash my hair tonight!! The shower has been almost ready for two weeks, beckoning, now that the door is on...I get to use this spa everyday!
Take note of the mirror color, that is what I will be doing for the vanity. So that will be the topic of another blog down the road.
For tonight, we celebrate. C'est finis! Je t'aime le bain!
A HUGE thank you to my very special Hubby who helped make this happen and took the pictures today to prove it is done.
A HUGE thank you to our wonderful contractor, Kobi, and his son, Spencer, who made it virtually painless. They were there, they did what they said they would and listened when I had endless questions or concerns.
And a big thank you to our friends who were supportive when that is all we could talk about.....



Susan said...

How beautiful! It all looks wonderful in here. The wood on the doors is pretty unique.
Enjoy your new 'spa'!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Your bathroom is beautiful! Love everything especially the framed mirrors! Love that you can see your doggy in the pic! xo

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Oh my gosh this is beautiful. I am so envious of that shower door. It's stunning. This was definitely worth the wait. Thanks for visiting my was a while ago. I'm trying to catch up so I finally made it here.Hope you have a fun, restful weekend enjoying your new bathroom!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I just left a comment and see that you have your word verification on. You can turn it really don't need it and some bloggers won't comment if they see it. Just a thought!

Revi said...

Pretty! :)

craighorman said...

How beautiful it is! I never thought we can make our Bathrooms like this. I like this post thank you for sharing this valuable information.

Katie Sue said...

Gorgeous!! I love the vanity.